Articulated Steampunk Arm

Made for the Steampunk Asylum held every year in Lincoln.

2013-01-20 15.40.25

Made from heavy grade leather, with brass and copper details. Articulation provided by buckles in the required places.

2013-01-20 15.41.03The idea was that this would look like a clock-work powered false arm. At the Asylum I wore it with a ‘shock glove’, made from a suede glove with copper wires and tubing attached.

2013-01-20 15.40.54

Time taken? About four weeks.  It took so long and would cost so much to make that I’ve never put one on sale. Something like this would be a custom job only, and even then it’d have to be someone living nearby due to the amount of resizing and measurements required.

Steampunk Hoopskirt made from leather and brass.


I made this after my wife requested one for a steampunk party. I had no idea how to go about it at the start, so I learned as I went. In the end I made the hoops out of the leather first and used the brass to give structure, and attached it all to a leather belt. This took several days of work and quite a lot of leather and brass.


This is a one-off, one of a kind design, but similar pieces made to order would be something I would be OK with doing. Leave a message in the comments if it’s something you’d like to see.

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